John James Newman


27th Feb 2013

Can’t believe it’s been a year since series 1 of BBC The Voice UK! What a year 2012 was eh?

2013 is upon us and so far it’s been as busy as ever for me with gigs and making new music... and as you may have seen more recently; making videos!
I’m buzzing about my new project ‘DBX’ – it’s a collaboration between myself, Pete Kirtley and Sacha Collisson. Pete and Sacha have a vast background in music and music production; our combined experience and the vibe between us in the studio has resulted in the creation of a huge sound that we’re all really excited about.
Hopefully you’ve already seen our first song and video release ‘Light Years Away’ on our YouTube channel ‘DBXProduction’ (if not, you can check it out on my homepage ;). We filmed in one day on location in London last December - a freezing cold day which required me to roll around in the mud at 7am. I spent the few months prior growing the beard to perfect the tramp look haha, even got mistaken for a homeless guy whilst on set! Gotta say I loved it though, loads of fun; I’ve always enjoyed acting.... wonder where I get that from...
So, the result, ‘Light Years Away’ is the first of many awesome moments! And there's more where that came from, we’re currently working on some new tracks and can't wait to share these with you soon... so watch this space! Or YouTube!
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Much love! JJN xx

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